NEW SOUNDTRACK: Fallen Aces Preview Available

It has been a terribly long time since any updates have been made on the website. A lot of work is happening behind the scenes and lots more news will be coming. Today, I am proud to reveal my involvement in a game called "Fallen Aces".. It is a Noir-styled game that has gameplay mechanics similar to Doom and Wolfenstein, but with a much more in-depth story about a paragon of justice fighting the city's most dangerous criminals while uncovering a much larger mystery. For the soundtrack, I decided to go listen to some great Noir styled scores such as Jerry Goldsmith's "Chinatown" and John Barry's music (i.e. Ipcress Files, James Bond, and Body Heat). I also had to research Jazz music as I have never really written in that genre in any depth. 

Please keep in mind that the final product will be performed and recorded by a studio orchestra. What you will hear in this preview includes work-in-progress cues that could change in part or in their entirety in the final product. With that in mind, I hope you enjoy the music and I thank you for your support!



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