Josh Barron comes from a small rural town in Royal Center, Indiana and has been composing and arranging music since 2002. His music started as classical and in recent years his music has expanded to pop, folk, world, and even electronica and rock. In 2015, Josh released a classical album called The ETHEReal String Project and joined the Materia Collective as an arranger. Since then, he co-founded an acoustic folk supergroup called The Travelers VGM and has worked to bring high quality productions to the game audio community. 

Even at an early age, Josh was involved in learning about music. He played trumpet in the high school band program which led him to his interest of composing. During this formative time, he arranged a track for OneUp Studios' Xenogears Light as well as an Unofficial Kingdom Hearts Piano Collection. After graduating, Josh stayed active in the band department and arranged video game pieces for the band. It wasn't until 2015, until Josh decided he would commit fully to composition and arrangement. 

 Currently, Josh is continuing to expand his musical understanding. He is working on the score to Fallen Aces, a Noir styled game in which you play a hands-on detective looking to rid the city of crime. In addition to this new score, Josh is working on more arrange albums and hopes to announce more on that later this year. Josh's music is currently on Spotify, Bandcamp, iTunes, Google, Amazon, Soundcloud, as well as other platforms like Deezer and Tidal on the buttons located at the bottom of the page. If you wish to have him commission a work or write for your game project, please send all inquiries to the mailing list.