Josh is a fantastic person to work with. He is an innovative composer but also a highly organized, precise, detail oriented, and smart professional. Josh understands complex matters even when outside of his direct area of expertise. He denotes a strong willingness for his both personal & professional development as a top notch composer and arranger.”

— Masha Lepire (Founder, Conductor, and Director at Seattle Video Game Orchestra and Choir)

Josh possesses a keen musical sense. I have now recorded for Josh on several occasions, and his arrangements are always interesting while providing a healthy challenge for me as a session musician. He really understands the art of crafting a complex arrangement from a melody.”

Ian Martyn (Musician, Composer, Co-Producer with The Travelers VGM)

Josh is an exceptionally talented individual. He always gives his best, no matter what. In the many years I've been in this business, it's rare to meet people like Josh Barron who are willing to go the extra mile.”

John Montoya (Audio Professional, Producer, Mixing and Mastering Engineer)

Josh is fantastic and very easy to work with. Although humble, He is very passionate about his work and works incredibly fast. He takes direction/input very well and isn't afraid to make alterations to his work. Josh is very eager to ask questions about whatever he is scoring and tries to understand what his clients' need the best way he can. Josh also puts an incredible amount of work and effort in researching specific types of genres or musical styles, whether that be Synth or Jazzy Film Noir. Josh is almost always on time, very flexible, and a hard worker. If you need a professional level composer and musician with the passion and heart of someone who just loves music. Josh should be your first choice.”

Trey Powell (Lead Director & Designer for Fallen Aces)