NEW RELEASE OP. I Windy Mountain and ETHEReal String Project II

Hello, everyone! Today is a good day for Patreon subscribers! Members will get exclusive access to the studio recording of Windy Mountain, a four movement work that premiered in 2017 under the baton of Carey Bostian and the Iowa City Community String Orchestra. I teamed up with ETHEReal String Orchestra to make a definitive version of this composition. 

In addition, subscribers will also get access to an exclusive track from the next ETHEReal String Project album. The track is Warning Call from Mirror's Edge Catalyst and features a full string orchestra. 

To get access to this content, please become a Patron. 

*Please Note* Apprentice Tier subscribers will get the first movement ONLY as well as a music clip of Warning Call. Journeyman and Master Tier subscribers will be given the full tracks of both in addition to liner notes and more. 

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