After six months of silence, I can finally reveal my involvement in a massive Xenogears project. For this, I did a much larger orchestration than I usually do. I have over 90 stems of performed music by an amazing team of musicians. I also did a full orchestral arrangement and I collaborated with Peter Jones, who came in a patched up my vocal parts as well as writing original lyrics, and Krasi Krastev, who took those lyrics and translated them into Bulgarian. That was very critical as Bulgarian is the language and style that influenced Mitsuda's score for the game. The album releases December 7th, but you may pre-order the album today. Fans of my music won't have to wait that long as my arrangement of One Who Bares Fangs at God is able to be streamed on the Bandcamp page and you can download it if you pre-order the album, along with five other amazing tracks. I hope you enjoy what you hear and there is more music from me to come! 

Cover Art by Jake Murray

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