Patreon Page REVAMPED

In order to bring more high quality content directly to you, I have revamped the Patreon page to offer more consistent content monthly! You will find three tiers that you can subscribe to and since I love Elder Scrolls, I decided to name each tier in an Elder Scrolls way. In addition I have added a button in this article as well as to the left (under the Spotify button) for ease of access. Now what do you get for subscrbing? Here are a few perks to doing so:

-Access to patron only content (posted at least once a month) which includes previews and full tracks from upcoming albums, vlog entries, insights into my compositional process, and more! 
-Free download codes for previously released albums and original releases.
-Special original compositions written for upper tier patrons with their names in a special thanks section. Free downloads of those compositions will be included with subscription. 
-An EPs worth of music available monthly (Master tier only). 

I hope that you might subscribe and give this a whirl! Thank you for supporting my music! 

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