Whether through the alignment of all the planets or simply a partnership with arranger-composer Josh Barron (Kingdom Hearts Album), The ETHEReal String Orchestra presents us with a very lively and pleasurable album. They — with the addition of three guest pianists — take Barron's impressive arrangements and breathe life into them. Whether you're one to enjoy the sweet, mysterious atmosphere of "Eruyt Village" or one for something more vivacious like "Trisection," there are various arrangements that will make you thirst for more!”

Marcos Gaspar (RPGFan.com)

[The ETHEReal String Project] is an absolutely astounding work of art and Josh has given each arrangement a personal touch to ensure they are successfully transformed.”

Simon Smith (Higher Plain Music)

Latest News

Dark Dice Episode 2  

New Episode of Dark Dice is out! This one will have some good fights to it and tense moments. This episode, I got asked to write percussion and clarinet for the battle track Red Ice. 

To make the percussion, I simply looked to The Witcher and God of War for inspiration. Big drums (a combination of various toms and taiko drums) and anvils make up the bulk of the percussion. I added some winds, which really illustrate one of the characters trying to resist a hostile spell. The clarinets have this nagging, pulsing, ostinato as the magic tries to pry into her mind. 

I still have one more original yet to appear in this series. I can't wait to hear it used :). 



After six months of silence, I can finally reveal my involvement in a massive Xenogears project. For this, I did a much larger orchestration than I usually do. I have over 90 stems of performed music by an amazing team of musicians. I also did a full orchestral arrangement and I collaborated with Peter Jones, who came in a patched up my vocal parts as well as writing original lyrics, and Krasi Krastev, who took those lyrics and translated them into Bulgarian. That was very critical as Bulgarian is the language and style that influenced Mitsuda's score for the game. The album releases December 7th, but you may pre-order the album today. Fans of my music won't have to wait that long as my arrangement of One Who Bares Fangs at God is able to be streamed on the Bandcamp page and you can download it if you pre-order the album, along with five other amazing tracks. I hope you enjoy what you hear and there is more music from me to come! 

Cover Art by Jake Murray

NEW Music for D&D Podcast 

I was recently commissioned to write some music for a D&D podcast called Dark Dice. It is a production by Fool and Scholar Productions. Travis Vengroff, who headed this up as writer, game master, and producer, brought a team of excellent voice actors to craft an amazing story of believable, flawed characters. So far, I have written three themes. The first theme of mine appears in this first episode alongside other composers such as Steven Melin and Brandon Boone. 

I encourage you to check this podcast out as it is really good and I love how the whole show is mixed from the sound effects, music, and voices. If this is something you enjoy, please support the project through Patreon

NEW MUSIC on the Horizon 

Today, I have submitted the largest arrangement I have done to date. It has 70 individually recorded parts recorded by top notch, world class musicians. This is the first time I have recorded a full orchestra arrangement along with choir. I can't wait to reveal this piece soon! Stay tuned to this page, Twitter, and Facebook for more regarding this and upcoming news! 

ETHEReal String Project RE-RELEASED on Bandcamp 

The ETHEReal String Project is now available for purchase on Bandcamp! I received many requests to have this available since Loudr closed their storefront, so Materia Collective graciously accepted to port over the album. Thank you for all those who have bought this album and are continuing to listen to it. I am working on a sequel album now and my plan is to have it released this year. Stay tuned!

NEW RELEASE: Stone Tower Temple from Majora's Mask 

Hey everyone! I am very honored to have collaborated with The Travelers VGM once more for a new arrangement! I chose Stone Tower Temple to have an Arabian style. I haven't done this style much and I wanted to delve further into it. I am quite pleased with the overall result and I hope that you will give it a shot, along with the rest of the album. You may find FATE: A Tribute to Majora's Mask on Bandcamp, Spotify, and Tidal

WORLD PREMIERE and Future Works 

This past month I had the pleasure of working with the Iowa City Community String Orchestra to premiere Op. II The Endless Sea for String Orchestra. I am currently working on a studio recording of this for an upcoming project along with some more arrangements from games. The collection will be a set of impressionist music. I will have more of an official announcement soon, but I can confirm that I am working with the ETHEReal String Orchestra for this. I am so very excited to reveal everything, alas I must wait until all is done. 

NEW Website, NEW beginning! 

Hello, everyone! Welcome to the new and improved home for all news and information regarding my projects, appearances, albums, and more! I hope you enjoy the new look and I also hope you enjoy the music. Thank you so much for your support! - Josh